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Krystal Traun

Postby KrystalTraun » Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:19 am

Name/Aliases:Krystal Traun
Age/Sex/Species: 19(or lower, see OOC note at the bottom for the reason), Female, Aruzan
Faction/Job: None
Skin/Model: Not sure but I think it is ST_Female_Jedi_Customisation
OJP Feats: None
Weapons: None
Family: Still lives with her Aruzan parents
Languages: Basic, Aruzan
Starship: None
Wealth: Very little (Wealth doesn't really matter in the part she lives)
Physical Description & Appearance:  Blue skin, long black hair, red eyes, typical aruzan appearance
Personality: (Included in the background)
Background/History: Krystal Traun is an Aruzan that always felt a strange connection between her and her planet. When she was a very small child, she thought that she could speak to the forest and had control over the living things. She had an extraordinarily beautiful voice that she sung to the animals with. Later on she discovered that she posessed no such super natural abilities and the connection she felt was actually called the Force. She started to grow a deep desire to be involved with the force and had a great respect for life. She searched for new ways and found about the jedi order (which she isn't sure if it still even exists). Krystal, however; isn't all an optimistic, humanistic peace-lover. She knows life with both it's good and bad sides. She loves life, but she also has a deep understanding of it. She knows people are capable of evil things, and she's aware that living things eventually die.

Class: Between Aruzan native and the first stages of the FS path
Rank: None
Lightsaber Skills: None
Force Feats: None
Force Skills: A feeling of connection which is relatively weak and can only be used in text rp.

OOC Note:  I realize that this is my first character and is force sensitive, but as you may have noticed the character has only a very small understanding of the force and posseses no actual abilities.  If this gets accepted, I can rp the earlier stages of her character, before she even discovers she has a connection with the force.  I thought this could get an approval since it's an extremely low rank character who posseses no special abilities yet. 
Force Sensitive
Force Sensitive
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