Imperial 501st Attacked on Ord Jaon

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Imperial 501st Attacked on Ord Jaon

Postby Cydon Prax » Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:25 am

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[size=18px]Imperial 501st ambushed on Ord Jaon; Scores dead.[/size]

QUILLISVIL, ORD JAON - An empty hole and a cloud of soot is all that remains where the Imperial 501st Systems-Headquarter building stood only seven hours earlier. Reports in now suggest the Royal Imperial Force on the planet was engaged by rogue militants, bringing concerns of protection from the Mid-Rim Royal Imperial force.

Tooqual Moodi, Quillisvil Security Guard, was the first to alert locals of the incident when subspace turbofire began raining down from above, around early morning. "It was uncalled for. I was walking my Nil-Dewback, which is a six-legged Dewback native to Ord Jaon, when I was thrown by a furious explosion. When I looked up from my Dewback the Imperial HQ building was gone," he recalled, "and I was in the rebuilt business sector. My whole security station was gone by the time I could tell anyone."

Reports indicate the two highest ranking officers in the 501st regiment were killed during the military engagement, but it was not immediately made clear when or how they were killed. The planets Council of Rulers, the twelve politicians representing Ord Jaon in the Royal Imperial Senate, were also killed when the Capital Building was hit by turbocannon fire early during the military engagement. The Councilors were going to represent the world in the new Imperial Senate before the disaster, leaving the planet ungoverned. Many locals, including Corellia News Network Anchor Tibit O'Enfo were furious with the damage to the capital city, saying "This is obviously an act of terrorism. What did the Empire do to stop this? Where are our Royal Imperial Knights?" he asked.

Despite a swath of scattered violence leading all the way into the very halls of the Unity of Community, where the Council would work at outside of their now destroyed building, the Mid Rim world of Ord Jaon is actually under heavy supervision from the Royal Empire. Although Bastion failed to comment, our reporters learned that several Imperial Knights were active in defending the town during the ambush, and in fact reports indicate several high-ranking enemy combatants were captured during the conflict.

While Bastion did not comment, several in the political circle have suggested the attack may be linked to the rare precious ore recently discovered on Ord Jaon. Because the planet is connected directly to the Corellian Trade Route, if Ord Jaon were to lose its economic value to the Royal Empire, other worlds will be dragged to follow in economic collapse which can cause a chain reaction devastating to Galactic Governments, making the Ordnance world a crucial holding point for the 501st Regiment. It is not known who the militants that engaged the 501st are, at this time.

In addition to this profound development, The Consortium of Worlds plans to make an official statement after suggesting the 501st violated several InterGalactic Treaties during the military engagement, including high-jacking of private communications devices for strategic military operations. The Imperial 501st was unable to comment.

This is CNN news straight from Coruscant, I'm Jusig Mudi'for and you have just been updated on recent news.
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