Consortium Crime Ring exposed!

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Consortium Crime Ring exposed!

Postby Cydon Prax » Fri May 20, 2011 4:35 am


Holonet News Network - Tatooine, Tatoo System: We've just recieved word that earlier this week a member of the Nalla Hutt Clan - current ruling clan of the Hutt Empire and prominent permanant holder of a Council Seat on the Consortium of Worlds was holding an illegal slave auction operation in one of the major Tatooine Cities. The operation was exposed when one of, or several of, the slaves turned on their buyers causing unknown casualties.

According to informants, the slave rallied a group of other slaves and fled the auction house towards a swoop garage where a firefight ensued, killing several Consortium Guards and starting a fire that got local Law Enforcement involved. The Slaves, valued in the black market at over $10,000,000 credits total were not found after a crime scene was set up. Vigo Molaar of the Consortium, on the planet at the time, would not comment, but the Nalla Clan said in a statement this morning,[color=lime] "We are appalled that Illegal Slave operations are being conducted in our territories, but remind everyone that Tatooine is a fairly lawless world where we have little influence on the enforcement of Galactic Senate Liberty Laws."

Tatooine has had an extremely high Crime Rate ever since the Sector Wars, with some figures suggesting more than 100% crime rate per citizen - meaning 1 in every 1 locals experiences some form of criminal activity while more than 1 in 5 tourists is involved in a criminal activity as well.

This is Jeku Tokinawa reporting live from Mos Espa.[/color]
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