New Galactic Order Conference

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New Galactic Order Conference

Postby Kel » Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:56 pm


[color=red]This particular event is to get things started, while providing a small refresher as to what happened in the past.  From here, people are free to create characters as it has been done and react to what's going around them, or try to influence things moving forward.

[color=gold]To mark this landmark anniversary of peace in the galaxy following the Sector Wars, a documentary had been created, to highlight the devastation of the war, and to be a constant reminder to the galaxy such that history is not repeated.

[color=gold]As it had happened every year since the end of the Sector Wars, on the anniversary of that final battle which saw the collapse of galactic governments, the major powers that had fought in the war, and those that were affected by the war participated in a galactic conference where these nations could resolve their differences peacefully, and to avoid another devastating war.  When the documentary finished playing, award winning Channel 5 news anchor, Jeku Tokinawa the Third, reported the news as his ancestors before him had done in the past.

[color=lime]"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Jeku Tokinawa reporting live from Taris, where for the first time since these conferences have been held, an agreement between all parties on some major outstanding issues was not reached, when the Imperial Remnant delegation walked out of the talks.  Four years ago, representatives from the Sith Empire, the Imperial Remnants, the Consortium, the Clone Army Remnants, and various independent systems had come to an agreement to share a newly discovered resource in a sector of space that had been abandoned by all major powers, as they focused their attention on what they believed to be more important territories.  But now that this valuable resource has been discovered, all of them claim to own that sector of space. 

To avoid conflict, a five-year agreement had been signed been signed by all parties which dictated how much of the resource belonged to each parties while a more permanent agreement could be fleshed out.  With the Imperial delegation walking out on the talks today, it creates a volatile situation for next year, when the agreement runs out.  Although all parties are bound by the defensive pact which ensures that none of them can take aggressive military action against another without having to face all other signatory members of the pact, it now creates a volatile situation for the galactic economy.  When asked to comment why they walked out on the talks, a spokesman for the Empire released the following statement:"

[color=lime]"It is unfortunate that talks had degenerated to this point, but for the sake of our citizens, we could no longer participate in this mockery.  The other parties, are trying to craft an agreement that would be clearly advantageous to them, and put our government at a competitive disadvantage as we try to repair the damages that were caused by the war."

[color=lime]"When asked to comment on the Imperial loyalist stance, the representative from the Clone Armies released the following statement."

[color=lime]"It is not surprising that these so-called loyalists walked out on the talks.  The Emperor believes it is his birth right to rule the galaxy.  It is them who are trying to put us at a competitive disadvantage."

[color=lime]"Meanwhile, the Consortium released the following statement."

[color=lime]"The Consortium would like to remind all parties that without our expertise and technology, the mining and extraction of the resource they seek is impossible.  If they refuse to get along, then they can forget about even acquiring it.  We are confident they will come back to the table and flesh out a more permanent arrangement."

[color=lime]"For now, it seems that they will get along for at least another year, however with no new agreement moving forward, it is anyone's guess what will happen when all of them will once again stake a claim to this precious resource.  For HNN, Channel 5 news, this is Jeku Tokinawa signing out."

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