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Postby Kel » Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:56 pm

So, I would like to kick things off today for roleplay.  Those of you who participated in the discussion already have an idea.  For those that weren't here for the discussion, I'll summarize:

-Return to the Legacy Era, several years after the Sector Wars (for more info, see holonet post)
-An emphasis on roleplaying, rather than activity on the server to account for our various busy schedules.
-Text roleplay is now equal to in-server roleplay for character advancement
-Text roleplay introduces, and develops several storylines.  In server roleplay should continue the development of those same stories.  The larger number of text RPs you involve your characters in, the more likely you'll have a role to play in-server
-We are using LegacyMod, revision 74.  The next revision will probably include the ability for regular members of the community to spawn NPCs for their own RPs
-The server is up (need to update tracker).  I will be hosting the server.  You can connect to it /connect

Upcoming things:
-A final arrangement for staring FS characters should be in place this week
-A new version of LegacyMod (remember to report bugs)
-A general email sent out to all registered members to inform them we're roleplaying again
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Re: Rebirth

Postby Dragon » Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:46 pm

Silly me forgot to update the topic with this video
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