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Postby Cydon Prax » Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:13 pm

Q: What time period is the JKA server set in?

The time period started at approximately 130 ABY (130 years after Star Wars: A New Hope) based on the new Legacy Comics published by Darkhorse.  Since then, over 30 years have elapsed, ultimately leading to a galactic civil war, called the Sector Wars.  It has been several years since the end of these Sector Wars, a new age as the trillions of citizens try to recouperate what they have lost. 

Q:  Are you following Star Wars Canon History then?

Yes up to and including the Sith-Imperial War in 130 ABY.  The server's history diverges in that the infamous meeting between the Emperor and the Sith at the end of the war never occurred, and the Sith would go back into the shadows due to infighting.

Q: What is the server trying to achieve?

The server's purpose is to provide one of the most realistic Star Wars experiences.  In order to achieve this, we focus on character development, rather then the development of some pre-organized plot.  Players should focus on their characters, their goals, their aspirations, their ambitions, their vices, and if they do so it creates a very dynamic universe if everyone does so.

Q: Can "Galactic Factions" be overthrown?

Galactic factions represent groups who's influence extends across the galaxy.  Roleplay focuses on the smaller scale aspects of the Star Wars universe, and player created factions, which can represent portions or aspects of these larger groups are the main venue in which characters can interact with them.  That being said, it is possible for them to be overthrown, but it definitely not an everyday occurrence, nor the focus of the community.

Q: Why must we change into a different role when the map changes?

It is to prevent the spamming of certain roles, and encourage character variety.

Q: Why is a specific map rotation followed?

In order to ensure equality and fairness, for factions, characters, and players.  We all have different tastes, and we can't all be happy with every single map used.  However, a map rotation will try to provide all factions/characters/players with an equal opportunity to develop.

Q: Do I need to write a bio?

No, we want newcomers to be able to jump in and be able to RP.  A biography simply adds to your character, and is recommended in order to keep track of all that has happened to that character and for retaining information on Feats/Skills.  We are all human and sometimes it is difficult to remember which character did what.  Additionally, writing a biography allows others to catch up on your character and perhaps the server in general.

Q: What level of force user can I be?

We strive to maintain a balance: between trained and untrained, between the different force factions, and between force users and non.  So long as what you do does not destroy this delicate balance, you can probably be it.

Q: What are the requirements to have a character escape a combat situation?

To escape a combat situation, there needs to be a realistic and viable escape route.

More to come as they arise.
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