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Postby Kel » Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:38 am

Rules v1.0 wrote:[size=12px]
General Rules:

No FFAing, and laming/revenge laming
No offensive language.  Keep things PG-13
No metagaming/ubering
All RP actions must be emoted
OOC must be marked at all times using brackets of some form
Any use of force powers or in-game items will require approval (unless they are allowed feats)
Most Important Rule:  Use common sense, roleplay realistically, and respect all players at all times.


All players must have a proper role at all times while on the server.  If you are unsure of what role you should take, please ask OOCly and someone should be able to help you.  Famous names from the Star Wars Universe (Movies or EU) are not allowed.  The same character cannot be played on consecutive maps. 


Combat should be performed realistically, and should not resemble an FFA. No ability should be spammed in order to win, weapons should always be fired in bursts using primary fire only, duck and cover tactics should always be used.


Here at ..::[color=white]Legacy [color=cyan]RP[color=red]::..[/color][/color][/color] we like to create realistic and epic duels similar to what you see in the movies.  As such, crouch attacking, or exploiting the idle damage is strictly prohibited.

Perma Rules:

Each character has three lives per map*.  Each time a character receives a death, he/she must return to the point of death:

1st Death: The character is nearly hit or receives a glancing blow
2nd Death: The character receives a minor wound
3rd Death: The character receives a critical wound and is incapacitated
4th Death: Permanent Kill

*A character may escape by going to spectate prior to Death 3 providing it is possible to do so in a roleplay capacity (for instance if you are trapped inside a room with no escape it is unlikely)
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